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Posted on January 1th, 2021 by Alcoholic

Yes, alcoholism is genetically predisposed. Just like neurotic disorders can be inherited. More specifically, susceptibility to neurotic disorders. So it's likely that most of the factors are predetermined by nature, but that doesn't mean that the disposition is one hundred percent. It's possible to carry it in you, but not face the manifestations because they won't develop. But there are risks.

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Posted on January 1st, 2021 by Alcoholic

Out of ten people, half have a predisposition to alcoholism. And when the social influence starts - we have a party, let's drink, the first dose of poison has gone, which touches the receptors and starts the biochemical processes - 5 out of 10 have taken the first step.

Antabuse has actually been delegated to pregnancy category B by the FDA.

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Of course, it all starts in the company, most of the time the story is the same, it's part of the culture. Basically, what it looks like to the addict: let's all play Russian roulette together. And somebody gets hit with this whole complex of both genetic and toxic and social and cultural and stressors. Obviously, he loses.

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